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Welcome to the new age of modelling. We have two exciting modelling programmes for all the fashionistas out there.

Modelling Programme One

If you are are an online fashion blogger and have a well established social media following you can request to join our modelling programme one.

You can join in just a few steps:

  1. Send us the link to your social media pages.
  2. Once a member of our social media team has reviewed your pages, we will contact you if we have chosen you for step 3.
  3. Upload an image with yourself holding a note stating " Model" onto one of your social media pages.
  4. Send us the link of the post

We review all modelling requests after step 4, and if you are selected we will send you two free items from our Modelling Programme Collection: MODELLING PROGRAMME ITEM COLLECTION

Once you receive your items you can send us any reviews or photos you model with the products.

Terms: one item must be $10 & under + any item of any price from the collection (subject to availability)


Modelling Programme Two

If you have purchased any of our products you can become apart of our modelling team in seconds.

Model our products at any location of your choice, as long as the images are clear we will consider use of your photos on either, facebook, twitter, tumblr or instagram.

If a photo you share makes it to our store as one of our product displays you can select two free items from our MODELLING PROGRAMME ITEM COLLECTION  

Terms: one item must be $10 & under + any item of any price from the collection (subject to availability)

Get sharing your photos now!


There are a number of ways you can send us your photos, see how below:

Hashtag your instagram photos with the name of the product. You can find the instagram product name on all our product pages. To make sure we get your photos remember to tag @champfans in the actual photo.

Send us your photos on our tumblr page. Title the photo"champfans Cloth Model" the link to share is: //


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